Nostr Dev Kit

The fastest way to build with Nostr

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Exposes an easy-to-use SDK abstraction while still allowing access to the low-level types for precision control.

Focus on what matters

A full implementation of the Nostr protocol, so you can focus on crafting custom-tailored user experiences.

High performance & compact

Work great in all environments from mobile phones to embedded devices, IoT devices, and kubernetes.

Why NDK?

Easily integrate Nostr features into any application

Multi-Language Support

We support native API's including Rust, C, Swift, Javascript, Flutter, Java & Kotlin so you can build Nostr applications in your preferred programming language.

WASM Compatibility

Most of our libraries compile to WebAssembly so that they can be integrated into virtual machines, embedded devices, mobile or web applications.

Broad NIP Support

NDK supports most relevant NIPs and quickly introduces support for those merged into the protocol specification.

Bitcoin Integrations

Our code and ethos align to Bitcoin development and many of our code samples feature Bitcoin use cases.