Nostr Dev Kit (NDK) Road Map

By Max Gravitt on 3/12/2023 - Tags:

Nostr Dev Kit is the front-facing material for the most-used rust-nostr/nostr repo, which contains the SDK, core libraries, and bindings for JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter.

We have been users and admirers of the BitcoinDevKit (opens new window) and familiar with the LightningDevKit (opens new window). Both of these projects are built on powerful core Rust libraries with documentation and dressings that make those libraries digestable for day-to-day developers.

We felt that the same type of project is needed for Nostr, so we started Nostr Dev Kit.

# Road Map

Our key priorities over the next 6-12 months are:

  1. Implement NIPs as they are popularized and/or merged into the protocol
  2. Develop training materials, tutorials, videos, and events for training developers in how to use NDK
  3. Ensure that WASM-based projects can leverage the value NDK
  4. Build a sample ndk-cli to showcase the functionality available
  5. Integrate Bitcoin and Nostr in an ergonomic and easy-to-use way
  6. Develop a bitcoin wallet that uses Nostr to save all wallet metadata
  7. Continue to develop coinstr (opens new window), a protocol for orchestrating signature requests and PSBTs using Nostr.
  8. Pursue more alignment and support for NIP-46 and NostrConnect as a safe way to sign, including the prospective support for signing Bitcoin transactions.

As an example of the work, here you can see how we are using Nostr to save and load our Taptree bitcoin spending policies.


# About Rust and rust-nostr

Rust is the most loved languaged and is the language of both BDK and LDK.

Yuki (github (opens new window), nostr (opens new window)) is the prolific developer behind rust-nostr. The repo has 148 stars and is used by 43 projects. This work is currently unfunded and seeks donations or grants to continue and accelerate maintenance.

The volume and value of the work being done is clear.


# Contact

Please contact us on Nostr with the npub of npub1ndkltu98tr2eupgv5y367cck7kgj96d56vzmz40mxa25v68evv0qv6ffdn

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