# Examples

Click the links below and learn from community-built example projects

# Coinstr (opens new window)

Coinstr (opens new window) is Bitcoin spending policy and signature orchestration engine using Nostr

# nostr-tool (opens new window)

A simple CLI to send nostr events

# Rana (opens new window)

Mine public keys that can be used with nostr.

# Nostr Signer (opens new window)

CLI implementation of NIP-46 Nostr Connect (opens new window)

# keystr-rs (opens new window)

An application for managing Nostr keys. Written in Rust, with simple UI (Iced).

# Bitcoin Alerts (opens new window)

Receive Bitcoin network alerts: hashrate, supply, blocks until halving, difficulty adjustment and more. See how alerts are dispatched to Nostr (opens new window).